Lezayre Landscapes Isle of Man
Hydro Seeding with Lezayre Landscapes, Isle of Man

What is it?

A process whereby a selected seed composition is sprayed directly on to the required area, i.e. Road Verges, Lawns, Golf Courses, Highways, Football Pitches, basically, anywhere you want it. Hydro-seed / micro fibre is bio-degradable & non-toxic and is available in any combination of seed mixture. One mix covers up to 450sq meters.

How does it work?

The required area is prepared to a grade ready for seeding An enriched slurry is created from exact ratios of seed, recycled paper, water, binding products and fertilizer. This mixture is then sprayed onto the prepared surface, it attaches itself securely to the area allowing the seeds to germinate in a micro-environment that retains moisture, feeds nutrients and protects the seedlings from adverse weather conditions such as drought or driving wind and rain erosion and also provides protection from pests.

Hydro Seeding with Lezayre Landscapes Isle of Man
Hydro Seeding with Lezayre Landscapes Isle of Man
Hydro Seeding with Lezayre Landscapes Isle of Man

Hydro Seeding Products:

Hydroseeding MulchHydro Seeding with Lezayre Landscapes, Isle of Man

  • Easy to mix.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Non-Toxic.
  • Requires up to 30% less product than cellulose mulches.
  • Will not clump or crust.
  • High in moisture retention capability.

Even after its initial work of protecting the seed, all our Mulch products continue to decompose into carbon dioxide, water and organic matter to further aid plant development.

Blended Mulch

  • 70% Wood Fibre, blended with 30% Clean Recycled Paper.
  • Outperforms straight paper mulches and arguably straight wood mulches every time - this is because the combination of the varied length wood fibres and soft paper fibre produce excellent water retention qualities.
  • When applied it forms a homogeneous and consistent mix with more absorption of water than a straight wood or straw mulch.
  • Results in quicker and better germination with a slow release of moisture back into the soil.

Fibre Mulch

  • 100% Wood Fibre.
  • Designed specifically for use in mechanically agitated equipment only and is made from whole wood fibres.
  • Provides excellent water absorption and retention to sustain the seed during dry spells and will continue to do so until the sward has established enough to stabilise the soil.
  • Fibre Mulch forms a homogeneous mix that decomposes naturally and so contributes nutrients back into the soil.

Pelleted Mulch

  • Clean Recycled Paper and Corn Fibre.
  • This new mulch has been created to dramatically reduce the amountof time required for mixing when using a jet agitated machine.
  • Made from clean recycled newspaper and corn fibre and compressed into a small easy to pour pellets. The ability to pour the mulch into the tank rather than breaking up the bales by hand results in a much shorter loading and mixing time.
  • Increased moisture retention offers top performance when establishing a grass cover.

Soil Guard

Soil Guard with Lezayre Landscapes, Isle of Man
  • Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM) for Erosion Control Projects.
  • Unique among erosion control systems, Soil Guard delivers the performance of an erosion control blanket and is biodegradable.
  • Soil Guard forms a flexible BFM mat. It is made from a blend of wood fibres a natural binding agent and organic mineral activators that once dry can be re-wet repeatedly and will hold soil and seed in place preventing erosion.
  • Designed for mechanically agitated machines and suitable for every type of erosion control project.


Enviro Shield with Lezayre Landscapes, Isle of Man
  • Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM) with Gypsum for Erosion Control Projects.
  • Similar to Soil Guard in performance but can be used with jet agitated machines.
  • This blanket is designed to prevent both water and wind erosion, as well as enhance germination by protecting the seed until vegetation is established.
  • Enviro-Shield is a unique product in that it is the only BFM on the market that includes gypsum. Gypsum supplies nutrients back into the soil in the form of calcium and sulphur and will improve the structure of heavy clay soils and buffer the soil pH.

Lezayre Landscapes Isle of Man