Lezayre Landscapes Isle of Man

Ground Maintenance Lezayre Landscapes Isle of Man

Lezayre Landscapes Limited are aware that not everybody has the time or necessary skills to maintain a garden or landscaped area that is why our service can include the necessary maintenance of our works or of an existing property.

Our hardscape maintenance includes the removal of moss and weeds etc from drives, paths, carparks and steps with qualified sprayers to ensure that the product is contained and properly applied.

Softscape maintenance again includes spraying and mulching to provide weed and pest control and to adequately feed shrubs and grass. Year round pruning programs can be implemented as well as grass cutting and in-fill work. once you have taken the steps to create your landscaped area then maintaining it is an essential, but necessarily costly or time-consuming job.

We are here to help you along every step of the way.

Lezayre Landscapes Isle of Man